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Letter from Father Theodore

Dear Visitor to Holy Cross,

We welcome you to our Church with brotherly love and a Christian embrace! May you be blessed with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our community serves over 80 families living in Central and Southwestern Georgia being the Church in which so many Orthodox Christians have been baptized, married, nurtured, and buried since the parish was established in the middle of this past century. Since 2005, we have been blessed to call our Church on First Street our home.

Holy Cross offers dynamic programs for people of all ages. In addition to our regular Sunday worship, we offer many opportunities for worship during the week. There are routinely worship services on both Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

We have active youth programs including GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association) for our middle and high school age students along with outings for our younger children. We also have active programs for our Young Adults, “Not So Young” Adults, and our “Social 60+” group. Assisting in the deepening of our life in Christ, we also have weekly Adult/Bible Study meetings, Book Studies, Byzantine Chant classes, and more.

We welcome you once again to our parish and hope that you will visit us in the near future! Please reach out to Fr. Theodore at or at the Church Office (478-621-0744).

God bless you and be with you!

Fr. Theodore and the faithful of Holy Cross

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